About Us

Blue-Hat Hosting is a new company started by like-minded individuals with the same goal in mind:

To bring industry leading hosting products, solutions and support to our clients – through this we strive to become the best hosting company we can possibly be.

Starting off with a small operation only a few years back, we have now stepped up our game after we acquired Snowball Effect (PTY) Ltd’s hosting division! Migrations are underway to get customers away from old legacy systems onto our new systems. More information to follow soon.

Communication will go out to all existing and new customers concerning changes, so please watch out for these.

Our website is currently being revamped due to all the changes, but we will have our products & solutions up soon. Should you have any queries whatsoever, please contact us on info[at]blue-hat.co.za and we will address your questions or requests.

We welcome all existing and new customers to the new business!